New kid in town

Posted by: Oklahoma Mark

New kid in town - 08/12/11 02:04 PM

What's up everyone? I'm new to the site and a rookie backpacker. I'm a 20 college student and I've spent a lot of time hunting, fishing, camping, etc but never been backpacking. Me and a couple friends are planning a few trips for next spring and summer, unfortunately I can't get away from campus much during the fall being a football player and all.

Anyways, I figured this would be the best way to learn about backpacking.

Glad to be on board
Posted by: TomD

Re: New kid in town - 08/14/11 01:33 AM

Welcome. Here is my advice for new members:

If you came to the site from a link directly to the forums, be sure to go to the home page-link on the left and check out the gear lists, links to sponsors selling lightweight gear, tips and other links.

Learn to use the Search function (instructions in the General Discussion forum at the top of the posts-written by me).

Be specific with questions-those will get you the best responses-and try to post in the right forum, not everyone looks at everything, just what interests them.