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Posted by: DTape

Re: New Shoes or Not - 05/03/09 12:31 PM

I have both trail runners and boots. I use them for different trips. The boots are not for support, they are for when I expect wetter conditions and for the winter for more insulation. In my experience the concept of support is overrated and actually can be a negative. My ankles are plenty strong to support my weight and can handle uneven ground. In fact, on uneven ground is when I choose my trail runners. Having boots which do not allow ones ankle to flex forces tension at my knee. Over a long hike on uneven ground my knee will start to hurt while wearing boots due to forcing the stress away from the ankle. There is much more mobility in my ankle than my knee, it is designed to handle changing ground conditions. Unless one has a medical reason for needed to brace their ankle, boots are unnecessary for this purpose, IMO. Like I said I still use my boots, but not because of ankle support.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: New Shoes or Not - 05/03/09 05:55 PM

I also am in the process of switching to trail runners. It's a lot easier to get a fit in a trail running shoes!

And yes, you do need to get another pair. A few hints--shop late in the day when your feet are more apt to be swollen (even better, just after you've finished a hike, if you can work that out). Whether low-cut or "mids," get footwear that is lightweight and comfortable. Take a pack to the store and walk around in the store for at least 30 minutes before you make a decision. Then "hike" with the pack in the carpeted area of your house for a couple of hours, while the shoes are still returnable.