Garmin inReach Explorer+ (new version)

Posted by: willie1280

Garmin inReach Explorer+ (new version) - 09/04/18 12:59 PM

Well i'm back from my trip to the Alaskan bush and no longer need my Garmin inReach that i bought specifically for this trip. So it's up for sale. The unit is in brand new condition and it was only used for this trip. It worked AWESOME and was great for communicating with family back home as well as the bush pilots.

The model i am selling is the inReach Explorer+
Garmin inReach Website

My price is $400 which includes shipping.
I will only take PayPal or a certified money order.
Posted by: willie1280

Re: Garmin inReach Explorer+ (new version) - 09/06/18 08:18 AM

I have photos available if needed.

Feel free to email directly at ltlwillie1280 at hotmail dot com
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Garmin inReach Explorer+ (new version) - 09/06/18 04:34 PM

I strongly suggest you not include your email in online forums as it makes you very vulnerable to spam and identity theft! You might want to edit that out.

There's an excellent private mail system on this site for which I hope you are signed up ("My Stuff"/"Edit Preferences"/ page way down to "Accept private messages from other users"/"Yes")
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Re: Garmin inReach Explorer+ (new version) - 09/06/18 06:36 PM

that's good advice. even disguised emails like that are child's play for any but the crudest autobots seeking out addresses.