Free 1960's and 1970's Mountaineering Books

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Free 1960's and 1970's Mountaineering Books - 01/24/18 12:47 PM

Free to good homes: mountaineering books from the 60’s and 70’s. If you are interested in one, several or all of these titles, send me a PM. You pay the postage. Many of the books have notes and other information penned in various locations and they are, in general, well used.

1. Tabor, R. W. and D. F. Crowder. 1968. Rocks and Routes in the Mt. Challenger Quadrangle. (with map). Published by The Mountaineers, Seattle.
2. Wilkerson, J. A., MD. 1967. Medicine for Mountaineering. The Mountaineers, Seattle. (2nd printing, 1969)
3. Culbert, D. 1969. A Climbers Guide to the Coastal Ranges of British Columbia.. Alpine Club of Canada.
4. Olympic Mountain Rescue. 1972. Climbers Guide to the Olympic Mountains. The Mountaineers, Seattle.
5. Voge, H. H. (ed.). 1965. A Climbers Guide to the High Sierra. (2nd edition). Sierra Club, San Francisco.
6. Dodge, N. A. 1968. A Climbers Guide to Oregon. Mazamas, Portland, Oregon.
7. Brower, D. R. (ed.). 1947. Manual of Ski Mountaineering. University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles.
8. Manning, H. (ed.). 1967. Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills. The Mountaineers, Seattle.

I am, by the way, not giving these away for resale. They are for your personal use
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Re: Free 1960's and 1970's Mountaineering Books - 01/24/18 02:55 PM

I'd warn that so old an edition (half a century!) of Medicine for Mountaineering is woefully out of date and will contain many practices either no longer medically approved or now considered actually harmful. I had one from the 1970s that I recently tossed in the recycling, at the advice of my emergency room physician son-in-law. For historical purposes, it might be fun to compare this with a current edition to see how much medical practices have changed.

All the others sound like a wonderful bargain for anyone interested! Many of them are classics!

Pika, I may do the same for a bunch of my old hiking guidebooks. since I'm trying to get rid of "too much stuff" in my house. Please let me know if your giveaway is successful!
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Re: Free 1960's and 1970's Mountaineering Books - 02/10/18 12:54 PM

Books are no longer available.