Hammock set foresale...package priced

Posted by: the-gr8t-waldo

Hammock set foresale...package priced - 06/13/17 04:14 PM

Three items...1st- a Warbonet blackbird hammock double 1.1oz construction and brown. this also includes 7/64ths amsteel woopie tensioners and 1" tree straps 160" long. toggles and aluminum climb rated O-rings as well...all fit nicely into the two exit stuff sack. 2nd- Hammockgear under quilt rated for 20 degrees exterior olive green/ interior silver. stuff sack included. 3rd- a home brew yellow cuben rain fly. ridge line 10.75' long and 102" wide. one end has weather flaps and the other open. no stuff sack included with this item. pictures are available for the tarp. the others can be found on line. all this at 295$ for all . I've used this set up for all of three nights and have recently inspected for damage- haven't found any. buyer pays shipping...local pick and inspection available. ...p.s. I forgot to include that during my ownership these items have NOT been exposed to smoke.....tobacco, campfires, or other
Posted by: the-gr8t-waldo

Re: Hammock set foresale...package priced - 06/16/17 02:17 PM

This item has been sold