Posted by: JerrySC13

NatGeo - 11/23/19 08:57 PM

I don't watch TV, and that is a big understatement. But..., I do watch shows from BBC-Earth (not sure if I have that title correct) and National Geographic.

I just signed up for Disney Plus. When my daughter asked me to subscribe I was gonna say no way. But then she said it includes NatGeo shows. She knows me! smile

Anyone else obsessed with nature shows, etc? It's the only area of TV for which I am obsessed.

Note: NatGeo is a great feed to follow on Instagram. Amazing pics.
Posted by: lhargraves43

Re: NatGeo - 06/23/20 10:09 AM

Im a big fan of NatGeo. I dont have time to watch TV anymore but I still occasionally watch their videos on youtube. They also post beautiful pictures on instagram.