Going for climbing

Posted by: alwin

Going for climbing - 12/08/16 12:52 AM

So, I am going for climbing to the great Silver Mountains this holidays, with my friends. I have always loved climbing, but this is my first time, so I am really excited and tensed too. I have been told to get all the safety measures for the trip, and I have to purchase a hard cap, and I am planning to purchase a hard cap, but would this be ideal and safe? Or should I go for some other type? Since I really have no much ideas on this, I need your valuable advices. What other safety measures to be kept in mind?
Posted by: aimless

Re: Going for climbing - 12/08/16 02:57 PM

Interesting. Rock climbing? Ice climbing? A mix of both? If you know what routes you'll be climbing, what rating do they have? That would tell us much more about what equipment you'll need. Your guide (or experienced friends) should really be the ones who answer these questions for you.

Where are these great Silver Mountains? This is not a mountain range I know about.
Posted by: alwin

Re: Going for climbing - 12/12/16 10:00 PM

Hi, It is actually rock climbing. I need your advice on purchasing this white hard cap .
Posted by: aimless

Re: Going for climbing - 12/12/16 10:53 PM

I don't think the color of the helmet matters to its safety. Petzl, Black Diamond, Mammut, or any other reputable maker ought to OK. If this is a first trip, you might want to look into a rental instead of a purchase. Any store that rents climbing equipment ought to be able to assist you in getting the right helmet for your climbing trip.