Volunteer work in Afrika

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Volunteer work in Afrika - 06/12/16 09:27 AM

Hi all,

my name is Julia, I am 18 years old and just finished my a-level. My friends and classmates all want to go abroad for a year. I am also quite fond of the idea, I would really like to volunteer in Africa. I researched some offers online and came across [link removed] Does anyone have experience with that site and can give me some advice? Maybe you also have other reccommendations? I am grateful for every suggestion!

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Re: Volunteer work in Afrika - 06/12/16 03:29 PM

I removed your link because newbies with only a few posts are not permitted to live link to other sites. It is a precaution against SEO spam.

You probably did not stop here long enough to discover that our site has no connection to world travel or volunteerism, but I left your request for advice, in case anyone would like to respond. If you return to this thread, I'd recommend making another post, so people can see that their efforts to reply to you would not be wasted.
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Re: Volunteer work in Afrika - 06/17/16 08:39 AM

Hi Julia
I'm a fresh newb here too. You say you finished A levels, so I'm guessing you are British or Commonwealth? You might want to see what programs are available through the state...or possibly Peace Corps (although they typically look for a degree or some exp rather than just a warm body with good intentions).
Barring that, don't be afraid to gap year in your country (whichever that may be) as there are lots of hidden opps everywhere.
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Re: Volunteer work in Afrika - 06/26/16 03:30 PM

It's been two weeks now and "Julia" has not posted here again to show she had any interest in actually reading the advice she solicited. Seems safe to say the link was the point of the original post, not an interest in Africa or in our replies.