Walking the Heceta Head Trail in Oregon

Posted by: kevonionia

Walking the Heceta Head Trail in Oregon - 01/09/16 09:02 PM

If you've got snow or brown grass around you might like this short video taken last fall of the lush Heceta Head Trail that straddles the boundaries of Carl G. Washburne State Park and Heceta Head Lighthouse State Park on the central Oregon coast.

I didn't put this in trip reports because it isn't that long of a trip (3 miles RT.) It shares the trailhead with the shorter, beautifully-named Hobbitt Trail and ends at the Heceta Head Lighthouse (where we were docents in Aug/Sep.) The 3-minute video was shot with a Hague MMC, a poor-hiker's steadycam that's built in England. (Cool part is we were given the task of trail maintenance on this and the other trails in Washburne SP for our volunteer job for the month before I shot this video. So we can proudly watch what we had done with a clipper, rake and shovel.)

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Re: Walking the Heceta Head Trail in Oregon - 01/10/16 10:56 AM

Nice! I have only the vaguest recollection of trails from the PNW from when I was literally a toddler. This makes me want to revisit them.
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Re: Walking the Heceta Head Trail in Oregon - 01/11/16 10:54 PM

I haven't hiked to the lighthouse, but I did hike the Hobbit Trail. That's a wonderful part of the Oregon coast!