USFS wilderness photography rules

Posted by: OregonMouse

USFS wilderness photography rules - 09/26/14 06:10 PM

With the line between commercial and private photography now so thin, and the poor wording of the rules, these proposed rules could affect us all! Since TLB accepts advertising, posting our images here could be interpreted as commercial, under the very vague wording.

More details here on Paul Magnati's blog.
Posted by: Gershon

Re: USFS wilderness photography rules - 09/27/14 11:59 AM

I can see the potential problem. There is no way for a person to fight a fine. The cost would be prohibitive.

I suspect the law is intended to protect frackers, loggers, and others destroying the wilderness.

Imagine Facebook's problem. They will have to delete all nature photos. Even Google will have to do this. Nature will disappear from view.

Guess it's all road walking pictures from now on.
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: USFS wilderness photography rules - 09/27/14 12:29 PM

I read that yesterday and this is another fine example of regulating a problem that doesn't exist.

What irks me is that these "Public Comment" periods have a very short window and a restrictive submission process and even if you do take the time to thoughtfully respond no one actually reads your input and none of it ever makes a difference. They've already made their plan and they will implement it unless there is a legal action taken to prevent it. And even those do little but maybe slow the process.

That said, I have to agree that fining a hiker for taking photos is something that will probably not hold up in court, but it will be a long and expensive fight none the less for whomever tries to take it on.
Posted by: aimless

Re: USFS wilderness photography rules - 09/27/14 01:42 PM

As I have remarked in another place, this policy makes a hash of the LNT dictum: Leave only footprints. Take only pictures."
Posted by: intrek38

Re: USFS wilderness photography rules - 11/02/14 09:46 PM

What ever happened to "We the People" ??? And isn't his taxpayer land we are talking about... Ok, so how much for a permit if I ever make a cent off of my incredibly awesome photo's ? If I could only figure out how to post them..