Merry Christmas!

Posted by: OregonMouse

Merry Christmas! - 12/24/13 03:44 PM

A Merry Christmas to all!

If you don't celebrate Christmas, pick a holiday of your choice, and have a happy one!
Posted by: Pika

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/24/13 04:42 PM

And a merry Christmas to you too OM. I hope your holidays are joyous and that the coming year is filled with good trips and contentment.
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/24/13 08:10 PM

Merry Christmas to all, a Happy New Year, and Happy Trails always!
Posted by: aimless

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/24/13 08:25 PM

(does his best bowl full of jelly imitation)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good hike!
Posted by: jimmyb

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/24/13 09:35 PM

Merry Christmas all and thank you for allowing me to join in the conversation. Wishes of good health for all and with that you'll be good to go for a Happy New Year! grin

Posted by: Dryer

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/13 10:46 AM

Merry Christmas to you and yours!! (we celebrate CHRISTmas just fine here) grin
Posted by: PerryMK

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/13 11:29 AM

Merry Christmas smile
Posted by: ETSU Pride

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/13 04:12 PM

Happy holidays! Only problem is I don't know what to spoil myself with this cash I got!!
Posted by: hikerduane

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/26/13 01:19 PM

Belated Merry Christmas!
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/26/13 04:23 PM

Actually, the traditional Christmas, per the calendars for many churches, starts Dec. 25 (although in my church we start Christmas Eve) and lasts through Epiphany, January 6. That's the source of the twelve days of Christmas.

So happy Second Day of Christmas, folks! Turtle doves, anyone?
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/26/13 04:36 PM

Gee, if you really can't figure it out, my address is... smile
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/27/13 02:13 PM

Originally Posted By OM
That's the source of the twelve days of Christmas.

I did not know that, this is great news!

Merry 3rd day of Christmas!!!