Propane butane mix fuel.

Posted by: SJS

Propane butane mix fuel. - 07/02/20 09:00 PM

I have an old Primus stove that uses Primus propane/butane mix gas but my local stores only carry Coleman butane/propane mix cartridges. I could order Primus cartridges on Amazon but the price is more than double. The directions say only to use Primus gas but I wonder if that is really necessary.

Anyone know if the Coleman cartridges would be safe with a Primus stove?
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Propane butane mix fuel. - 07/03/20 01:54 PM

As long as the connector is the same (little threaded top) you can interchange brands at will. The exact blend of butane, isobutane and propane will vary but they function basically the same on various stoves. When it gets cold a higher portion of propane and isobutane is preferred for best performance, and that blend can be hard to determine based on labeling.

Cartridges doubled in price a few years back for "reasons" and remain stubbornly high, so I'm not immune to chasing price when buying. They're also hard to ship and IIUC have to go by ground only.

Posted by: SJS

Re: Propane butane mix fuel. - 07/03/20 05:47 PM

Thanks Rick, that saves me a bundle.