Brunton stove stand

Posted by: TheDanBen

Brunton stove stand - 10/29/17 09:15 PM

Hey guys,

New here, sorry if this is not in the good section.

I was browsing the internet in search of some kind of canister stand adaptor. It was a hard search, but i finally found the Brunton stove stand, but unfortunately, it's has been discontinued for some years now.

I cannot seem to find another brand with a similar product.

So, question, do you guys know anything about the kind of product i am looking for? Brunton stove is still available somewhere? another brand maybe?

Thank you all

P.S, here a picture of what i am talking about.

Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Brunton stove stand - 10/29/17 09:36 PM


Not sure if you’re looking for a universal adaptor, or a stove. However, MSR’s Whisperlite Universal and Windpro II stoves have a similar adaptor as part of the stove kit. I didn’t look to see if I could find any other adaptors.
Posted by: TheDanBen

Re: Brunton stove stand - 10/29/17 09:47 PM

Yeah, but i want to be able to use my own stove.

So, like on the picture, i want something to screw on the canister and a thread to screw my own stove to it.
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Brunton stove stand - 10/30/17 07:03 AM

In that case, it would help if we knew what kind of stove you have.
Posted by: TheDanBen

Re: Brunton stove stand - 10/30/17 08:56 AM

It's the BRS 3000t

Posted by: wgiles

Re: Brunton stove stand - 10/30/17 04:51 PM

I wasn't aware of the Brunton Stove Stand until after they stopped making it. I have looked for one on eBay, but they are very rare and sell for a good price when they do come along. I have looked at what the Chinese vendors have to sell, but nothing has been close enough to the Brunton to be worth trying. The closest that I've found are made to adapt to the cheap cylindrical Butane tanks. Those are OK, but I want to be able to use blended canister gas with the canister inverted for liquid feed. You'll probably have to get an off canister stove to do what you want to do.
Posted by: BZH

Re: Brunton stove stand - 10/31/17 11:05 AM

I believe the BRS 3000T does not have a preheat tube. That is a small tube that ensures any liquid in the feedline gets converted to gas before injecting into the burner. Without that part it is dangerous to run a stove off an inverted canister, because the liquid feed will squirt into the burner causing dangerous flare-ups.

some discussion here:

To try to answer your original question: I am not aware of a universal off-the-shelf part to invert a canister because once you screw something onto a stove, you are leaking fuel that better go somewhere in a controlled manner. That is why these things tend to be paired with the stove they work with. You could search for "remote canister stove" and see if you could find a design that will work with you. Then see if the manufacturer will sell you the part by itself.
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Brunton stove stand - 11/07/17 12:57 PM

'Tis true, that particular canister-top burner isn't designed for liquid feed and the Brunton remote adapter would only be safe with the canister sitting upright (which should be possible with shorter canisters).

I don't know of an equivalent gizmo, offhand. Good luck sleuthing!
Posted by: wgiles

Re: Brunton stove stand - 11/07/17 08:03 PM

Something like the MSR Windpro II is probably a better choice for cold weather stoving. It won't be as light as the smaller upright canister stoves, but it will work at much lower temperatures. I prefer to use inverted canisters in cold weather because the more volatile fuels in the canister mix won't boil off with liquid feed. Pure butane with upright canister stoves is fine in the summer.