Hank Robert adaptor

Posted by: Wasatch

Hank Robert adaptor - 03/27/16 09:12 PM

There's no reason to use an old fashioned stove except for nostalgia, but I grew up Hank Roberts stoves. At that time one of the lightest.
Anyway this guy on Ebay makes adapter for the Hank Roberts.


By the way his first batch ended last month and he sold all 30, now he has 9 more. He makes these and looks like he is selling loads of them on eBay now.
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Re: Hank Robert adaptor - 03/27/16 09:22 PM

Wow! The Hank Roberts - that's one out of the Wayback Machine! I never had the pleasure of meeting one in person, but I remember Colin Fletcher's vivid description of it quite well ("yo-yo" leaps to mind.)
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Re: Hank Robert adaptor - 03/27/16 09:34 PM

I think 3 times the HR canister leaked and all the gas came out while I was out in the backcountry. The other zillion times no problems.

Anyway, the FAA made that type of (rubber nipple) can illegal on air travel due to leakage in the baggage compartment. The companies making the fuel canisters shut down to avoid lawsuits. Coleman had camping stoves (model 5404) that used them.
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Re: Hank Robert adaptor - 03/27/16 11:48 PM

Just to be clear, backpacking fuel canisters are not permitted in checked or carry-on luggage on airplanes.
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Re: Hank Robert adaptor - 03/28/16 12:00 AM

No fuel allowed--gotta buy it after you land. No canisters, no alcohol, no white gas, no esbit….

Be sure to check on what's legal where you are going. When fire danger is high, a lot of places insist on stoves with on-off switches that are UL approved. It's almost as bad as the bear canister rules! Check just before you leave, because the rules often depend on the fire danger level.
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Re: Hank Robert adaptor - 03/28/16 02:14 AM

Yeah but I did not mean about luggage on airlines.
All other brands and types of canisters remained on market, the HR rubber nipple type disappeared. Because a law was passed which only addressed rubber nipple push on valve type canisters.

Because for instance if a retail store ordered some to sell, they could not be shipped to them legally, except by private carrier
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Re: Hank Robert adaptor - 03/28/16 07:49 AM

I have converted a Hank Roberts Mini Mark II to work with modern canisters, but it was a semi-permanent conversion for that one stove (I replaced the fuel nipple with one that I made). It's kind of a fun stove to play around with, but I doubt that I will take it to the back country. I have had dirt get into the stove orifice through the new connector. When that happens, it is very difficult to clean in the field. The original fuel nipple had a metal filter to keep dirt out. The adapters being sold on eBay fit the original fuel nipple, so dirt shouldn't be a problem. It's kind of expensive compared to a new stove, but it will be nice for collectors.


Edit: Added link.
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Re: Hank Robert adaptor - 03/28/16 08:40 AM

I understand, but wanted to make clear as you mentioned "baggage" compartment, which is for "personal belongings packed in suitcases for traveling" as opposed to the airplane cargo hold, which can include items not associated with the airline passengers.

Can a manufacturer ship via air its fuel canisters or are they required to travel via ground?
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Re: Hank Robert adaptor - 03/31/16 01:32 AM

Manufacturers can ship fuel canisters. But not rubber nipple ones.

MSR: REI won't ship it and they say due to DOT regulations.
Meanwhile Amazon will ship it with no hassle. Even large orders of many cans. Go figure !