Water Purification question

Posted by: Basil

Water Purification question - 07/05/16 06:42 PM

I use AquaMira and katadyne pills. Is it 'OK' to add flavoring to it after the purification time is over, or does the sugar/sweetener cause more problems.
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Water Purification question - 07/05/16 09:18 PM

Shouldn't be an issue, and can help mask any remaining odors.

Posted by: snapper

Re: Water Purification question - 07/13/16 12:44 PM

My only comment regarding adding a drink mix is to wait until the contact time has passed. With iodine treatments at least, it's my understanding that the drink mix will keep the solution from doing it's job. I don't know if it's the same with a chlorine based product but there's no use taking a chance since you have to wait to drink the treated water anyway.

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Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Water Purification question - 07/13/16 02:27 PM

That may be because the iodine "neutralizer" tabs are vitamin C, which is contained in many drink mixes (ascorbic acid). Add it too soon and it will bind up the iodine before it has done its work.

I'd wait for treatment time to pass before adding to any chemical treatment, not just iodine. Let the stuff do its job with the fewest possible constituents in the water.