LuxuryLite Cylinders?

Posted by: urbansix

LuxuryLite Cylinders? - 07/14/08 10:54 AM

How do the LuxuryLite cylinders attach to the frame? They are only shown from the access side on their web site, and very small at that. Can anybody who has one describe it or post a pic? Curious if it is adaptable to other systems.
Posted by: Ender

Re: LuxuryLite Cylinders? - 07/14/08 12:44 PM

On mine, the cylinders are attached by strong velcro loops that loop around the upright bars of the frame. Each cylinder rests on top of the one below it. I never once had a single issue with those velcro straps coming loose, they are very secure.

Don't know if the packs have changed since I got mine though.
Posted by: Keith

Re: LuxuryLite Cylinders? - 07/17/08 06:14 PM

Just got my 4 LL packs down from the attic for a weekend trip (Me, youngest son home from college, wife and university Korean host-daughter) The pack cylinders are a different kind of suspension in that the velcro attachments are to the vertical columns of the LL pack frame and only need to be strong enough to keep them from rolling off the frame (or getting squshed off by cylinders above). Actual weight is transferred vertically from one cylinder to another down to the bottom shelf.

Hope this helps. . . .