Ultralight Fanny Packs

Posted by: Salish

Ultralight Fanny Packs - 02/11/08 06:25 AM


I'm looking for a source for ultralight fanny packs. I currently hike with a Rodney pack, which is identical to the Breeze, but with some modifications in material and options. This model has the "roll down" top and has no floating/removeable lid which can double as a waist pack. I do a lot of fishing in alpine lakes and I'm looking for a very light and fairly small fanny pack to carry my fly box and other essentials while I'm fishing from my raft. I would like to find one made of silnylon, but I'm having trouble finding anything like this. Does anyone know of a source for a product like this?

I did find one belt pouch that might double as a fanny pack, from ZPACKS, but it might be a little too small. Link: http://www.zpacks.com/accessories/beltpouch.shtml

Posted by: DTape

Re: Ultralight Fanny Packs - 02/11/08 06:43 AM

I found one on ebay about a year ago. I needed it for fishing gear too. The one I have is nylon with 2 pockets. It cost me like $5. I'd try there again.
Posted by: Salish

Re: Ultralight Fanny Packs - 02/12/08 06:10 PM

Dtape, thank you for your suggestion.
Posted by: Brumfield

Re: Ultralight Fanny Packs - 02/12/08 06:32 PM

Salish, there's one located here: http://cgi.ebay.com/Catalyst-Fishing-Fan...9QQcmdZViewItem

He's only asking $12.00, but he wants an additional $9.00 for shipping. He doesn't mention the weight. Brum