TiGoat Ptarmigan Bivy

Posted by: Heintooga

TiGoat Ptarmigan Bivy - 02/08/08 06:38 AM

Just got the TiGoat Ptarmigan Bivy and the first impression is great. It holds a WM Kodiak (long) perfectly. I orderd it without netting because I'll be using it in the winter, exclusively. All seams and stitching are perfect and the zipper slides nicely without hangs or snags. The bottom is ample without being too big so the bivy's breathing should be optimal while protecting from ground moisture. The hood section is nice for long winter bags. I put a WM Bighorn -25dF in it and it fit well but the foot section will be a little snug but the overall size held the bag well enough. The Reflect-Tex coating on the bottom will be nice for this RidgerestDLX user but the pad will go on the outside from now on to help maintain the coating's integrity. I recieved the bivy four days after ordering so the bivy and sevice get an A+ from me. Hopefully I'll get to try it tomorrow night.