New sleeping bag!

Posted by: cheap

New sleeping bag! - 01/19/08 05:52 PM

I got the little pup 120.
It is 95" long and about 75" wide. Feels really light and warm.
It has 120 grams of filling per square metre.
It's temperature rating is 5 degrees celcius.
Wondering what you all think.

A new line of ultra compact sleeping bags ideal for camp and travel
Full length zipper aids ventilation
Rectangular design
Nylon outershell
Nylon lining
Hollow polysoft polyester fill
Elastic corded hood design for extra warmth and comfort
Complete with compression stuff bag
Posted by: brownwetdog

Re: New sleeping bag! - 01/19/08 06:10 PM

<< I got the little pup 120. >>

Hi Cheap, Well the price is certainly right at $35. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted by: cheap

Re: New sleeping bag! - 01/19/08 06:15 PM

yes. certainly cheap!