MontBell Inflatable Pillow

Posted by: Ben2World

MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 12/04/06 04:01 AM

Has anyone used this?

The Good?
The Bad?
The Ugly? Price. Anything else?
Posted by: Jon

Re: MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 12/04/06 05:08 AM

I own the whole system, the pillow, the 4 foot pad and the sitpad. The pillow works very well connected to the sleeping pad. I have only used it a couple nights so far. A lightweight system, but I haven't got rid of my Prolite just yet. I want to make sure the Montbell pads are durable. I don't think I would like the pillow nearly as well, if it wasn't connected to a pad.

Posted by: Dondo

Re: MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 12/04/06 05:33 AM

Welcome back, ben! I know you had gone travelling and wondered if you had sailed over the edge of the earth.

Montbell Inflatable Pillow:

The Good: It's really comfortable and reasonably light. I picked one up at the Boulder store a few week ago on my way to an overnighter in the Wild Basin area of RMNP. Since I knew I'd be spending a lot ot time inside the tent because of the long hours of darkness this time of year and a snow storm heading in that evening, I wanted to be comfortable. Thanks, in part, to the Montbell pillow I was able to sleep most of 14 hours. It's built so that there is about a four inch section in the middle that is lower than the rest ot the pillow so it very effectively cradles your head. It also seems very durable.

The Bad: It's still an inflatable and feels like one. To add a little cush, I let a bit of air of of the pillow and used my hat and hood of my sleeping bag between my head and the pillow.

The Ugly: You already guessed this one. But you may find this pillow so comfortable for the weight that this is that last pillow you may ever buy. Prorated over many nights of backcounty comfort it may seem like a real bargain.
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Re: MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 12/04/06 02:28 PM

Thanks, Jon and Dondo!

I just got back from a month's travel to Taiwan and Hong Kong. While on the road, I got an email from MontBell saying that more pillows have arrived and are available for sale. Of course, now that I am back, they're all sold out again. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
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Re: MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 01/18/08 11:03 AM

Rather than start a new thread I just bumped this one.

Question for Montbell Pillow owners: Is the advertised weight of 2.3 ounces accurate?

Seems to be sold out everywhere I look.
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Re: MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 01/18/08 03:45 PM

my (husbands- i bought one for him, couldn't see spending the $ for 2 at the time) pillow weighs 2.5 oz. the storage pouch and repair kit weighs 0.7oz. the toggles included with the pillow are all in the repair kit, since we don't have any other m.b. sleep system components. my husband does not use the storage pouch/repair kit, so that is not carried. he really likes the pillow- he feels he needs good head and knee support. i asked to try it out sometime, but haven't insisted when we're backpacking (he also hasn't offered-he really likes it!). i don't feel much need for a specific pillow, i just put some clothes (whatever i'm not wearing) into a stuffsack and prop it on my shoes for height and firmness. on my one solo trip last season, i forgot to grab the pillow out of his gear to try out!
bummer to see the weight difference! i bought the pillow last spring, and weighed it before he started using it, so dirt is not a weight factor. these were weighed with a digital scale the post office sells.
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Re: MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 01/18/08 04:35 PM

Pillow weighs 2.3 oz on my digital scale. I really like it -- as it is both lighter and more compact than my old Intex inflatable pillow. Both are equally comfy -- so it's great to save 4 oz. with no sacrifice in anything (except moolah).

If you really want one, go to the Forum at and look for 'Brett'. He's a frequent poster who lives in Japan -- and he will glady buy one for you -- charging you actual cost plus postage. Prices are cheaper in Japan so you may end up saving a buck or two even after postage.
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Re: MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 01/18/08 05:06 PM

Question for Montbell Pillow owners: Is the advertised weight of 2.3 ounces accurate?

MIne weighs 2.4 oz. with the toggles, 2.3 oz. without. These pillows are worth tracking down. IMO, it's hard to beat the comfort for the weight.
Posted by: Trailrunner

Re: MontBell Inflatable Pillow - 01/19/08 08:04 AM

Thanks to all for your replies.