Cutting weight

Posted by: Sponge

Cutting weight - 01/20/21 02:50 PM

So, I've been switching gear out a bit lately based on what I've read here and my weekend pack from my weekend trip when I first posted weighed 25.4 lbs. Total weight of my latest and greatest weekend pack is 18 lbs. Even better, it all fits into my 47L pack without hanging anything off it. Appreciate the insight!
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Cutting weight - 01/21/21 02:53 PM

Nearly a third--that's great!

Once the easy pounds are gone you can tend to the ounces. It just kind of becomes a habit to check weights and go for the lighter options, plus intermittent evaluations of "do I need this?" Over time the pack weight can continue to drop.

Good luck.