It is Fall and I am revising my list for the cold

Posted by: Jim M

It is Fall and I am revising my list for the cold - 10/20/19 11:09 PM

Does this list miss anything? BTW my sleeping bag is adequate for the night time temps if I wear a base layer and fleece balacalava.
the following doesn't line up too well (import from Excel). It lists the item in pounds then ounces and the bottom line is the total.
Shoulder season temperature low 32 degrees.
Brothers high camp October
Pack Weight Lbs. Ounces
1 Osprey Aether 70 5.9 45.0
2 NF High-tail-it 3S 2.0 32
3 Mountainsmith shelter-it Tent 2.0 32.0
4 Big Agnes Air Mattress 1.3 15.3
5 one gatoraid bottle + 16 0z.bottle 16 oz. H20 1.2 19.0
6 My Trail Down Jacket w/ Hood 1.1 17.0
7 Overnight food: Lunch at car, Dinner and Bkft. 1.0 16.0
8 Long Johns--Polyester/wool blend 0.5 8.3
9 Rain Jacket froggs toggs 0.5 7.6
10 Bills Pot and Esbit DIY stove setup 4+2.5= 0.4 6.5
11 Wind Breaker 0.4 6.0
12 first aid kit 0.3 5.0
13 Froggs Toggs Pants (Weather?) 0.3 4.5
14 Floor for shelter 0.2 3.5
15 Head Lamp Energizer 0.2 3.1
16 Sunscreen 0.2 3.0
17 Original Swiss Army Knife 0.1 2.2
18 Regular eye glasses in hard case 0.1 2.0
19 fleece mittens (Jim' DIY) 0.1 1.7
20 large plastic bag clear polyethylene 0.1 1.7
21 TP 0.1 1.6
22 Sun glasses 0.1 1.6
23 Sun screen 0.1 1.6
24 Tooth brush, soap, floss 0.1 1.6
25 Lighter (bic) 0.1 1.6
26 Spoons (2) 0.1 1.6
27 Blue Foam sit pad 0.1 1.4
28 Balacalava 0.1 1.2
29 Bandana 0.1 1.1
30 Meds 0.1 1.0
31 Compass 0.1 1.0
32 Plastic Cup 0.0 0.5
33 Maps or copy of climber's guide 0.0 0.3
34 Primus Tea Pot and lid 5.5 ounces 0.0 0.0
35 Match Safe 0.0 0.0
36 Plastic bowl cottage cheese 0.0 0.0
37 Capilene fleece sweater Patigonia 0.0 0.0
Posted by: aimless

Re: It is Fall and I am revising my list for the cold - 10/20/19 11:26 PM

Interesting list. I am curious about:

26 Spoons (2) 0.1 1.6

Does this mean you take two spoons? If so, what is the thinking behind this?
Posted by: BZH

Re: It is Fall and I am revising my list for the cold - 10/21/19 11:10 AM

I don't know the R-value of your pad, but if it was primarily for warmer weather it could be undersized for colder weather. You might consider bringing a 3/4 length blue foam pad, instead of the sit pad. It can pull double duty as a sit pad and layer it on top of your sleep pad at night.
Posted by: Jim M

Re: It is Fall and I am revising my list for the cold - 10/21/19 12:18 PM

Good question. I wondered if anyone would notice that. I carry two spoons because....First of all, the second spoon is a very lightweight plastic spoon (like you might get at MacDonald's) that is insignificant in weight.* The main spoon is a better Lexan or similar spoon. Quite often, in the past, when traveling with a small group someone has forgotten or lost their spoon and it was nice to have one to give them. I keep one of the spoons in my cook set and the other in my food bag. Often times I temporarily misplace my spoon and use the second until I happen to run across the other in my pack somewhere.

*I know to the UL backpacker nothing is insignificant, but the lightweight spoon weighs one gram (0.035274 ounce) and I could spit and loose that much weight!
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: It is Fall and I am revising my list for the cold - 10/22/19 01:46 PM

Don't see any obvious holes.

Made it out for a late-season trip two weeks ago and we encountered wind and temps as low as 15 degrees F, which was a real test for my still-in-summer-mode metabolism more accustomed to 100F. There are times one wishes for just one more layer.

Sleep system was okay for the low temps, although the GoLite quilt-mummy hybrid bag let in more drafts than I wanted. Some fiddling required.

But: no bugs!