Couple Packing for the Camino de Santiago

Posted by: walkingnatur

Couple Packing for the Camino de Santiago - 01/19/19 08:41 AM

Hello, everyone! We are a young couple who dedicates themselve to creating photo and video content, as well as our own music. Our content is related to travelling and adventures. We are passionate walkers who love hiking, trekking and camping. Our goal is to promote the healthy lifestyle, to motivate people to walk more and care for nature around.

In this video we are willing to show you what things we are going to take with us on our Camino de Santiago del Norte. As you might know we've been already hiking for one year but this is our biggest and the most serious hike ever. And so we did our best to pack only necessary things that we really need. And before we start we wanted to point out that we are working on getting our backpacks lighter and all things lighter. But this is a long journey and for now our backpacks are not in the perfect state but we want to show it to you anyway.

If you are interested in any particular thing that we showed you in this video leave us a comment below and we may film a separate video about it. We are interested to know what things do you take with you for any longer hikes that you do and also we'll appreciate any tips that you'll have for us to lighten our backpack.

Watch the full video here:

Hope you enjoyed our video! Leave us a comment if you have any further questions left or just want to share your experience. We would love to read your feedback - it is very important to us!