Shoe question.

Posted by: lupacexi

Shoe question. - 11/11/17 01:34 PM

I am now wearing Merrell low-cut Radius shoes - they fit very well but are no longer made. Are the "Radland" shoes the new version? Does anyone have experience with the "Radland"? My feet are very hard to fit so I would rather stick with Merrell. I also cannot tolerate a boot or mid-cut (sensitive ankle problem) -- it has to be low cut. It does not matter to me if they are waterproof or not.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Shoe question. - 11/11/17 02:25 PM

I can't help, but I can express sympathy--I went through exactly the same issue with Montrail after Columbia Sportswear bought them out.

My only suggestion is to keep trying on different models and brands until you find one that fits. You may find a better selection at running shoe stores than at REI. Also, several of the on-line shoe dealers give you free shipping and free return shipping, until you find the pair that fits.

I do suggest that, once you find a shoe that works for you, you buy several pair, before the manufacturer makes more changes.

Also, if you search the internet for the Merrell Radius, you may luck out and find that some dealer still has a pair or two in your size.

Good luck!
Posted by: BZH

Re: Shoe question. - 11/13/17 12:59 PM

I concur with OM's comment on online shops that have free return policy. I have a hard to fit foot and gave up trying to find something in the store. I was more than willing to pay extra to try something on in a store, but no stores carried my size, much less the shoes I was looking for. I became pretty efficient at seeing shoes online that would fit my feet. I have a few hiccups here and there but it is a lot less frustrating than going into a shop and have a salesman try to sell me a shoe that doesn't fit my foot.
Posted by: aimless

Re: Shoe question. - 11/13/17 02:34 PM

A few years ago I discovered that the Brooks Cascadia 7 trail runners were especially kind to my feet and also durable, but the Cascadia 8 was already on the shelves by then. I immediately went online and nabbed the last two pairs of Cascadia 7's in my size that I could track down anywhere. I have rationed my use of them and still have some wear left on my last pair. I'm not sorry that I acted fast.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Shoe question. - 11/13/17 07:06 PM

That's what I did with the old (pre Columbia Sportswear takeover) Montrail Hardrock. I kept doing internet searches and buying single pairs from shoe dealers around the country (even one from a shoe store in my old hometown of Laramie, WY). I am now on my last pair (the one from Laramie!), unfortunately. I can also get a great fit from New Balance SL-2 last with motion control, but that last with added motion control doesn't come in a trail runner with lug soles. To those I add green Superfeet. However, I'm now past strenuous hikes (age), so the soles in regular NB running shoes seem grippy enough for most places. And there's quite a bit of wear left in the last Hardrocks.
Posted by: Pika

Re: Shoe question. - 11/14/17 07:27 AM

I, too, mourn the passing of the pre-2008 Montrail Hardrock. Sadly I failed to stock up while they were still available so have had to deal with many "new and improved" trail shoes that quickly proved inadequate. So, I endorse OM's advice; if you find shoes that work for you, stock up. And do it before the marketing department decides to "improve" (cheapen) them to increase profits.