a worthy challenger to the msr pocket rocket2

Posted by: the-gr8t-waldo

a worthy challenger to the msr pocket rocket2 - 10/16/17 01:28 PM

for the last few years I've been using the org P.R. And my p.r.1 has held up amazingly well...shouldn't need replacing for a year or three at this point. If asked what my choice for a replacement would be, I'd sing out the "MSR1". But I've been doing some reading and stumbled across the BRS burner assembly. the cost seems to be about 18$(us) while the msr2 at 45$ (the only one that's available as new from MSR- not quite apples to apples but real world non the less. The bsr is, to my eye, clearly looks to be a knock off of the P.R 1 a design that I've come to appreciate in the MSR. ( with a few wrinkles that I would want in my old #1 , like shorter arms that better hold hold my smallish cook pot-with less fear of it sliding off the burner assembly) If you can get past the fact that it's a copy of the P.R.1. the BRS is priced right at 18$ us. the weight puts the MSR2 to shame.... the brs's sevelte 25 g. puts it head and shoulders above the msr product at 73g... I think the time is right for me to try the lightweight challenger and not wait for the oldie to die.
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Re: a worthy challenger to the msr pocket rocket2 - 10/16/17 05:21 PM

I've got the BRS, and I like it, but I really have nothing to compare it to, since it's my first and only canister stove. I will say I have a hard time judging which setting to put it on. With the valve all the way open, it's LOUD, but that's probably not very efficient. I'd only used alcohol stoves before, and I definitely prefer the convenience of the BRS.
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Re: a worthy challenger to the msr pocket rocket2 - 10/19/17 12:31 AM

I looked up the BSR stove and it sure looks good and has lots of positive reviews. For the price I certainly would give it a try. The weight looks great. I have two canister stoves, an old Optimus that looks like a Pocket Rocket, but has a different burning mechanism if you look closely. I also use an MSR WindPro because I need something for winter where I can turn the cartridge upside down. When weight isn't so critical I really like the stability of the WindPro because it sits on the ground. For my "sit-upon" canister stove I made a really nice windscreen out of stiff aluminum foil that protects from the canister to the pot, but still has a large opening on the valve side for ventilation. It, as a byproduct, keeps the canister warm, but not too warm, so the flame stays steady and strong. Good luck
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Re: a worthy challenger to the msr pocket rocket2 - 08/23/20 07:25 PM

I have used the BSR. And its just fine. Never had an issue. I sue the Pocket Rocket 2 now because I received one as a gift. But the BSR was fine.
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Re: a worthy challenger to the msr pocket rocket2 - 09/15/20 02:40 PM

well, almost three years in the rearview mirror. was going to get the BSR, but the big "A" had the rocket2 on sale, so went with the already known...the P.R.2 as my replacement burner