Using quilt and Klymit sleeping pad

Posted by: dotan922

Using quilt and Klymit sleeping pad - 10/16/15 11:08 AM

Hi guys,
I recently considered using quilt instead of sleeping bag to shave 0.5kg off. (~17 oz, ~ 1.1 lb)
I read about how quilt's are being used (no material in the back),
and Im using Klymit Inertia O-Zone

and I want to ask you, Will it work with traditional quilt? Does to holes in the matress would make "dead" spots aloowing cold inside?

With traditional sleeping bag the fabrics are being squshed to thoes holes and you can't feel cold spots.

Thank you so much smile

Its my first topic here
Posted by: bluefish

Re: Using quilt and Klymit sleeping pad - 10/16/15 11:22 AM

Having froze my butt off with a Trekker pad with no holes (long sold!) I would say you'd have some issues with the ground radiating some cold. As those pads are just air and low R value, it may be no worse than a conventional inflatable pad that has no insulating properties added in. That said, I'd re-think the quilt for colder weather, or at least add in a closed cell foam pad underneath the Klymit. At the very least, a piece of Emergency blanket cut to fit the pad might help some. We use one in the tent in the winter and it makes a difference. I'd do some experimenting before taking it out on the trail and having a bad night(s).
Posted by: BZH

Re: Using quilt and Klymit sleeping pad - 10/19/15 12:06 PM

I once asked this very question to a klymit rep. He admitted their pads are not for quilts. As mentioned above if you layer it with foam pads they may work.