Light Weight Water Resistant Shoe Suggestion

Posted by: minimalist

Light Weight Water Resistant Shoe Suggestion - 02/28/14 09:21 PM

Hello everyone this is my first post. My Merrel Chameleons have finally worn out and I need to replace them. I love running in minimalist shoes and recently did 32 miles in 2 days with a 35 lb (heavier than normal) pack in Merrel barefoot running shoes and they were great except for the lack of water resistance and getting dirt in them. So I want something lightweight like a minimalist running shoe but has a little more support, not too much, and are water resistant. Does anyone have any suggestions? The Chameleons were a little bulky for my taste but I did like the gortex that kept my feet dry unless I submerged my foot.
Posted by: ETSU Pride

Re: Light Weight Water Resistant Shoe Suggestion - 03/01/14 11:00 PM

I like the Salomon XA 3d shoes. They've a trail runner version, but I'm using the mid version at the moment. I slipped on a rock while crossing a stream, and they shed the cold, cold creek water. It nice having dry feet. grin