Need to replace some packs...

Posted by: steve-in-kville

Need to replace some packs... - 02/15/14 05:54 PM

My only decent pack right now is a Osprey Talon 22. Its about 1200" IRRC. It serves as my "heavy" day pack. I have some tax refund money coming and I need to replace my small daypack that is falling apart (a small Mountiansmith pack). I also would like to size up to a 3800 to 4500" pack for weekend trips.

So I am asking for recommendations for a smallish daypack as well as a weekend pack. I am partial to Osprey as my Talon fits me well and has served me for almost 7 years now. But I am open to anything at the moment.
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Need to replace some packs... - 02/15/14 07:54 PM

If you like Osprey (and I do), take a look at the Volt. I was always partial to the Kestrel series, especially the 48 and 58, but could never get them to fit quite perfectly. I eventually found out that I couldn't get the load lifters to work right; they were attached too low relative to the attachment point of the shoulder straps for me, and I couldn't get more than about a 10 degree angle. They replaced the Kestrel 58 with the Volt 60 - which fits me perfectly. I really, really like the pack (though most would say it's too heavy; personally, I'll carry a "too-heavy" pack if it fits me perfectly.)

If the Volt doesn't fit, take a look at the Atmos series. It also fit me very well; its frame is somewhat external-ish, with a wire bend around the hips that bothered me a bit.

If you can't find anything in the Osprey line you like, take a look at Deuter, especially the ACT Lite series. They are comfortable, supportive, and well-designed.