Simple Hydration

Posted by: bpackengneer

Simple Hydration - 02/09/14 12:55 PM

Hi all,
Although single water bottles are rare for backpacking, I thought I would share the link to my latest review for the Simple Hydration water bottle. It could certainly come in handy on short hikes or for you trail runners out there. There is also a free giveaway associated with this review. Here is the link: Simple Hydration Water Bottle Review and Giveaway
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Re: Simple Hydration - 02/09/14 01:34 PM

You don't mention how much the empty bottle weighs. It looks a lot like a Nalgene, which is quite heavy.

I personally use Smartwater bottles--I buy Smartwater just to get the bottle, which is quite stout and be re-used many times.
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Re: Simple Hydration - 02/09/14 02:48 PM

The bottle is made of LDPE. It weighs about 1.5 oz. which is much lighter than a Nalgene.
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Re: Simple Hydration - 02/09/14 04:14 PM

In the interest of disclosure, since you are giving away a product as well as reviewing it, what is your connection to the maker of this product? Do they provide you with free product to give out? Do you profit from people visiting your site as a result?

Making this sort of disclosure seems like a good overall policy, when you are hoping people will develop a trust in your reviews. I know it would help me. Consumer Reports built its reputation as an honest reviewer by completely avoiding entanglements between itself and whatever products they were testing. I trust them far more than other product reviewers as a result.
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Re: Simple Hydration - 02/09/14 05:41 PM

Evidently, from the disclosure statements I've seen included in reviews on other blogs, there is a Federal Trade Commission requirement for full disclosure: USA Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255
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Re: Simple Hydration - 02/09/14 08:00 PM

I entered the giveaway . . . but $20 for a 13 oz water bottle? Clever design, but I'll pass.