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Underwear - 08/05/13 07:42 AM

Hey everybody I'm curious on what everyone does for underwear shocked lol. I can't stand wearing the regular briefs, they don't breathe and I constantly get wedgies. So I have been going commando. I know TMI. I normally don't have a problem hiking like that but the other day we did a 20 mile hike up a peak and back and I did start to get some chaffing towards the end. So I have been wondering what other people use? I've heard under armour, running shorts. I'm kinda leaning towards the running shorts do to breathe ability. Any good cheap brands?
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Re: Underwear - 08/05/13 08:01 AM

I wear polypro boxer briefs. They are very thin and fit tight to the skin, but not so tight they compress. They are longer than typical briefs so they protect from any thigh chaffing some may encounter. The thinness allows for great breatheability and they dry quickly when I wash them (I use a gallon ziploc bag system for on-trail laundry).
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Re: Underwear - 08/05/13 08:18 AM

I use running shorts with the built in brief most of the time. I wear them as outerwear when it is warm or under long pants when cold or buggy or brushy or all three.
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Re: Underwear - 08/05/13 09:41 AM

Ex-Officio Give 'n' Go briefs have gotten rave reviews. I use the female version. I discovered them about 6 years ago and tried them for backpacking. I soon threw out all my other briefs and have worn only Ex-Officio all the time ever since. The original three pair I bought 6 years ago are still almost like new, too, so they're well worth the price.
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Re: Underwear - 08/05/13 09:49 AM

I go commando everyday. Only time I've had chaffing is when too much sweat got down the front side as well. If I'm sweating a lot, I try to rinse in a creek as able to wash the salts, etc. away.

Don't think that would work for my son who has fatter legs. The Starter compression shorts at Walmart ($10) are the cheapest I know of. Get a size too big so they aren't too snug over time.

I would think anything really loose like running shorts wouldn't solve the problem.
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Re: Underwear - 08/05/13 12:05 PM

Mine are polyester that dry fast and wick.

Another option for chaffing problems is to put an oily substance on your chaffing area. I use petroleum jelly, but others use a product called bodyglide.
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Re: Underwear - 08/05/13 12:37 PM

Icebreaker lightweight wool boxers. I've also tried the Ex Officio synthetic boxers, and they're very good, too. REI make some that aren't too bad, and reasonably priced. The Icebreaker is my favorite so far, though.
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Re: Underwear - 08/05/13 01:11 PM

Man thong! laugh
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Re: Underwear - 08/05/13 09:02 PM

TMI!! Way TMI!! smile
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Re: Underwear - 08/06/13 11:20 AM

I'm with OM. Ex-Officio Give'n'Go boxer briefs are my go to for trail UW. they wick, they're comfy, and prevent chaffing. They also dry pretty quickly when you wash them. I've picked up about 6 or 7 pairs. REI and Backcountry.com have them for $26, but you can find them for less on sale.
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Re: Underwear - 08/06/13 12:01 PM

Boxer briefs are a good choice IMO, of some quick-drying hi-tech material. Then if you get chaffing that way (and you still might), swap to go commando for a day or more (great way to wash and dry your only pair of underwear too, and they add a real touch of "experienced hiker" panache drying on the back of your pack as you walk ... :-)).

As someone already mentioned, I think, walking yourself thinner might help the chaffing. Depends on the type of chaffing. But generally speaking, the "alternate boxer briefs and nothing" seems to work for me when a bit of chaffing is an issue.