Cutting laces, cutting weight

Posted by: balzaccom

Cutting laces, cutting weight - 07/29/13 07:05 PM

Can anyone please explain why bootlaces are so long? When you buy a new pair of boots, the laces are long enough to tie a normal knot and bow…and still leave about eighteen inches left over! What do you do with that extra boot lace? I started tying his into double knots, putting a half-hitch into my loops, but they were still too long. Then I tied loops in my loops. That worked…but seemed ridiculous.

Now it must be said that I once played semi-pro sports, and I am well acquainted with the traditions of tying your laces in various ways for good luck, better performance, or silly stylistic affectations. Still, these are ridiculous.

So one morning I noticed that the laces were beginning to wear out---right at the knot. So I slid the laces around until I had just enough to tie a decent knot on one side, then pulled the excess through on the other side. It turned out to be about 20 inches long, so I chopped it off and tossed it into my pack. My boots and laces work just fine now.

Sounds like a plan. I figure I cut the weight of my boot laces in half. Now where can I do something similar with the weight of my backpack...?
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Cutting laces, cutting weight - 07/29/13 09:33 PM

Yeah, saved all that weight on your laces - but then threw them into the pack.... smile

(Couldn't resist - I know you didn't take the excess lace on the next trip.)
Posted by: balzaccom

Re: Cutting laces, cutting weight - 07/30/13 12:54 AM

Well, I always carry some paracord I've got extra laces in the pack as it is....

Posted by: finallyME

Re: Cutting laces, cutting weight - 07/30/13 11:48 AM

My New Balance trail runners have the longest laces as well. It is a real pain because the catch on stuff and then pull out of the knot. The shoes are pretty much done hiking and are worn out, but if my next pair have long laces, I am cutting them right away and using shrink wrap on the edges. Either that or I am switching out the laces with bungee laces.

I think the reason is because most people don't know how to tie their shoes properly and therefore always tie a double knot to keep the knot tied.
Posted by: ETSU Pride

Re: Cutting laces, cutting weight - 07/30/13 12:19 PM

I like the drawcord lace style on my Salomon. It's also pretty excess after I tighten them. I think the drawcord is like a mountain version of Velcro. grin

Edit: Forgot to mention that my shoes have a pocket to stash all the excess cord. Pretty cool if you ask me.