$500 Tent Fly

Posted by: DJ2

$500 Tent Fly - 03/18/10 04:38 PM

Am I missing something here? This tent: http://www.rei.com/product/798882

costs $500 and has no floor and, as far as I can tell, no tent inside. Doesn't that make it a very expensive sil-nylon fly or, perhaps, tarp?
Posted by: lori

Re: $500 Tent Fly - 03/18/10 08:16 PM

4 season tents are frequently expensive. That will withstand wind and snow better than a simple tarp.
Posted by: Franco

Re: $500 Tent Fly - 03/19/10 12:10 AM

The fly, pole and pegs make up more than two thirds of the tent cost.
The inner , what you guys call "the tent" is the cheap part.
For example : Akto inner $115, full tent $420