Lookin for a Pup tent

Posted by: bigandbulky

Lookin for a Pup tent - 01/31/10 08:18 PM

I'm looking for a place to buy a new pup tent. I have one that is around 30ys old and it is time to look to the future. I have seen a few child ones but I'm 6'2" and when they advertise 6' the should really say 5'10". I have bought two dome tents and both are too small and bulky. I usually just pack the tent and a tarp as a fly and leave the pegs at home. (it ends up really compact and light. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted by: Glenn

Re: Lookin for a Pup tent - 01/31/10 11:17 PM

You might want to check out the TarpTents (click on the add at the upper left of this website) - they are extremely light and really roomy. (Caveat: I don't use them myself, mostly for subjective reasons. I have seen them and crawled in and out of them, and they are a really nice product. I'm sure there are others on this forum who can give you details based on use.)
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Re: Lookin for a Pup tent - 01/31/10 11:59 PM

Are you looking for something pretty lightweight, well designed, but perhaps also a bit expensive? Heck, on the really inexpensive side I guess you could just go to your local hardware store and buy a tarp with grommet holes ...

For somewhat higher end there's still quite a range, from what Campmor offers, to Mountain Laurel Designs, Gossamer Gear has some options, you can look at tarps from multiple companies at sites such as Prolitegear.com or Backcountrygear.com.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean by "pup tent" ...
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Re: Lookin for a Pup tent - 02/04/10 11:38 AM

I have 2 TarpTent Squall 2 tents and I love the size of the tent for the weight.
It is single wall and it depends on air circulation to prevent condensation.
It helps that I use it in the dry High Sierra.

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Re: Lookin for a Pup tent(T.T. Moment) - 02/04/10 06:25 PM

I have a TarpTent Moment. It is an excellent solo tent with great ventilation. (See the thread on that tent here on this forum.)

For the past 3 summers I owned a TatpTent Contrail, which is only slightly lighter (4 oz. I think). It was OK but I sold it and got the Moment for the great design improvement.

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Re: Lookin for a Pup tent - 02/06/10 11:41 AM

Originally Posted By bigandbulky
I'm looking for a place to buy a new pup tent.

Wow... I haven't heard the term pup tent in a long time. Is yours the classic canvas type, or the "new fangled" coated nylon?

The good news is there are a lot of options. On the really light side provided you don't mind crawling into your shelter is the Zpacks Hexamid which is 8oz. It's been great for my 5'10" frame and think someone 6'2" could work I think. I would second the recommendations of tarptent. My 6'2" friend has happily using them. If you want some extra room you might want to look at the Six Moon Designs Vamp tarp (16oz) + bug tent (11oz) which was specifically designed for taller folks. More thought on my recommended shelters page.