Coleman F1 Exponent stove

Posted by: Kent W

Coleman F1 Exponent stove - 12/28/09 04:59 PM

I just received a Coleman Exponent F1 stove for Christmas. Weight is 2.7 ounces without fuel canister. I have always had good luck years ago when I hiked with a coleman peak, but at 4 pounds that isnt practical! Has anyone had experience with the coleman f1? I have a alcohol stove that I made from miller cans, But the F1 has a simmer capability? I dont know whether to return it or keep it?
Posted by: Tango61

Re: Coleman F1 Exponent stove - 12/28/09 08:21 PM

As far as a cannister stove goes, it seems pretty good and gets good reviews. You can use the search feature for "exponent" and pull up threads from the past year and see what others might have said.

Posted by: phat

Re: Coleman F1 Exponent stove - 12/28/09 09:12 PM

I'd keep it - I have something similar - a snow peak gigapower - which I do end up using. I also have a favority homemade alcohol stove which is my goto choice for most short trips - but as far as maxiumum weight is concerened a little canister stove with fuel has a lighter max weight for me when over about 6 person days worth of cooking (doing a boil up in the morning and evening..)

canister stoves certainly have their uses.

Posted by: Jimshaw

Re: Coleman F1 Exponent stove - 12/28/09 10:40 PM

The Coleman "Xponent" series used a liquid fuel feed and was excellent, so good that they were discontinued - why - so Coleman could market their junk without having to compete with their own excellent product? madCalling these "exponent" is almost fraudulent mad madand is certainly meant to confuse the public. madThe F1 is just another on top mini burner that cools the fuel bottle as gas inside it gasifies and passes through the nozzle. The output will go down as with all top type burners because as a molecule of fuel does evaporate from the liquid it has to travel further , while bouncing off the inner walls, before it finds the outlet.
Jim ok soap box off again. mad
Posted by: skinewmexico

Re: Coleman F1 Exponent stove - 12/30/09 09:11 PM

The Coleman did very well in the big BPL canister stove comparison. One of the most powerful.
Posted by: Paul

Re: Coleman F1 Exponent stove - 01/01/10 03:04 PM

I have one, great little stove for summer use. Puts out plenty of heat, does well on fuel efficency, simmers if you need that.
Posted by: mugs

Re: Coleman F1 Exponent stove - 01/04/10 12:30 AM

I bought one based on the sole report of BPL. It out did all the other stove as far as performance, especially when it came to wind.

I use it when it the son and I or when my wife and I go out. Works great for multi person cookling is required.