This Will Fix Your Fabric Issues Afield

Posted by: Earthling

This Will Fix Your Fabric Issues Afield - 08/29/08 11:42 AM

I've been using 'Weatherseal Tape' by Frost King now for over ten years to repair my fabric gear in the field.

This tape is sold, as the name implies, for Sealing Plastic Storm Windows. So that is the area you'll find it in at your local hardware store, or large dept store, with a hardware section. Runs $3+ dollars, just buy it in the late Winter Spring season to get it on sale.

It comes 2" wide x 25ft long, the special adhesive permits application below zero F. It does'nt leave a residue that is hard to remove like Duct/Duck tapes do. Plus, it's clear so the repair isn't ugly while still in use in the field. Same techniques apply, always cut your repair tapes into circles so there are no corners/edges to fray <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />
Posted by: chaz

Re: This Will Fix Your Fabric Issues Afield - 08/30/08 05:33 AM

Great tip. I'm making a trip to Lowes in a few minutes anyway.
Posted by: BarryP

Re: This Will Fix Your Fabric Issues Afield - 09/02/08 07:02 AM

That’s what I can use the tape for!

I bought some winter window plastic to use as a ground cloth. It appears to be the same lightweight tuff stuff that GG sells. Well, it also comes with this sticky tape. I just laid it aside. But to use if for fixing… great idea!