Wool fabrics

Posted by: JoeF

Wool fabrics - 08/16/08 06:22 AM

As the subject says, looking for a source of thin wool fabric to use for some shirts. I'd like to make some base layer long sleeve t's or zip necks.

the only place I've found in the US is Jasco if anyone else has a good source I'd be interested. thanks

Posted by: pennys

Re: Wool fabrics - 08/16/08 04:46 PM

do a search for emmaonesock they've had some nice light wieght wool knits over the years
Posted by: JoeF

Re: Wool fabrics - 08/17/08 07:22 PM

Thanks for the link. checking the place out they have some real high end stuff. D&G, Missoni, Cavalli. . . I feel like I'm on 5th ave. ha ha

Emma One Sock