rain pant ventilation modification help wanted

Posted by: nimby

rain pant ventilation modification help wanted - 07/19/08 05:52 PM

$3.00 got me a new looking (and smelling) pair of HellyHansen polyurethane coated rain pants big enough to get on over work clothes at my favorite second-hand shop. These will be for biking to work as well as hiking, so I must add ventilation somehow. The pants are simple: elastic through fabric casing at the waist, no pockets or zippers, snaps to snug up the leg at the hem, taped seams.

Would it work to cut the inner leg seam and insert some kind of mesh from knee to knee? What mesh would work best, and where might I get it?

Could I remove an inverted triangle of material front and back just below the elastic casing to make 'chaps'?

What else might work?
Posted by: TurkeyBacon

Re: rain pant ventilation modification help wanted - 07/21/08 03:15 AM

I can't think of how to add ventilation to rain pants and still have rain pants. When I bike to work in the cold, I just use breathable nylon pants that get wet but stay warm.
The problem with removing the crotch/inside is that you will get water spray from the wheels. The problem with removing from the outside is you will get rain spray. The problem with chaps is your butt is one if the wettest part of you after biking in the rain. The problem with rain pants in general when biking, is that your legs sweat a lot (but because they are moving they dry off fast). This is biased on my personal choice in cold wet clothing but, I would go with chaps worn over supplex nylon pants or the inside seam, with breathable front and full fenders. If you do chaps, make them real chaps that can be removed quickly.
Dont forget booties, probably a better way of staying comfortable in the rain. And fenders.
Sorry I could not be real helpfull, rain pants aren't my thing biking or hiking.
Posted by: robi

Re: rain pant ventilation modification help wanted - 07/21/08 11:43 AM

fenders are yoru friend!

they will cut down on a ton of wet!

if you want to wear that helly hanson set up, ride slow and you will not sweat as much! That is the only think I can think of!

Posted by: nimby

Re: rain pant ventilation modification help wanted - 07/23/08 08:57 PM

Yes, I have full fenders on my bike to stop the striping, and the road grit spray in dry weather, and I wear a hip length jacket. I don't want to have to carry and change into dry clothes at work, and wearing wet stuff is not a viable option.Keeping a poncho over my legs is a bit of a trick. I think I will try the crotch vent first if I can find some tough, soft mesh. Then take out areas under the jacket until I get comfortable or trash the pants...Mine is a 20-30 minute commute that I treat more as a joyride than a mad dash, so I just might stay comfortable.
Posted by: Paul

Re: rain pant ventilation modification help wanted - 07/23/08 09:32 PM

The problem with adding any vents at the top or near the top of the pants is that without some inflow from the bottom they are nearly worthless. I had a pair of rain pants many years ago that I made, and I inserted a mesh "window" in the front where you would have a fly if you had a fly. It did basically nothing to reduce condensation. For hiking, you can have loose openings at the ankles, and then a vent at the top could really do something. But for cycling I suspect that would mean you'd get soaked on the lower legs, which would put you back at square one. But you could try it.
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Re: rain pant ventilation modification help wanted - 07/24/08 12:08 AM


i think you may just have to go with chaps then....

I often where gaitors when I bike to work in the rain... keeps my feet dry.. I hate wet feet...

but my thighs still get a bit wet, which does not bother me on the 20 minute ride... and I just change when I get to work...

however, the backs of my thighs are almost never, ever wet.... only when I am out in a major down pour for hours do they get wet!!!!

so chaps with gaitors... the feet will sweat a bit but the rest of you will not and your legs should stay dry.... but you have to have fenders!

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Re: rain pant ventilation modification help wanted - 07/24/08 04:27 AM

Not wanting to change clothes... That makes things difficult.
Philosphy's on bike commuting asside, good luck.
Daily commute: 3.5 miles, one large hill, and lots of trafic. 20ish minutes.
Posted by: Spock

Re: rain pant ventilation modification help wanted - 07/25/08 06:29 PM

The only effective rain pants for cycling that I have ever found in 35 years of commuting and touring are the pants that come in the DriDucks rain suit. They breathe almost as well as uncoated nylon pants, but are windproof as well as waterproof. Cheap, too.