eVent fabric on sale

Posted by: Heber

eVent fabric on sale - 05/15/08 11:03 AM

A while back someone asked about eVent fabric. I just noticed they have some on sale for $9.00 per yard at


Click on "Sale Corner". It's the 2-layer stuff.
Posted by: Franco

Re: eVent fabric on sale - 05/15/08 04:19 PM

From what I hear that two layer stuff is less than ideal where abrasion could be a concern. Maybe it could work well for a rain jacket with nylon patches over the shoulders and elbows (?).
Posted by: rockymtnhiker

Re: eVent fabric on sale - 05/20/08 09:22 PM

Hey, it was me who had asked about that... I appreciate keeping your eyes open! I had sort of lost intrest in the project, but that was just because I couldn't find the eVent. I think I might be interested again now! One thing though... I can't find it on their website. Are they calling it something else besides eVent on the site?
Posted by: Heber

Re: eVent fabric on sale - 05/22/08 08:40 AM

If you click on "Sale Corner" on their main page it takes you to a list of items. Scroll down to the one called "Waterproof Breathable" and read the description and you will see that it is eVent.

Alternatively click on "Sale Corner" and then use your browser's search function to search for the word eVENT.

Good luck with the project!