Has anyone made a Dog Rain Cape?

Posted by: Coosa

Has anyone made a Dog Rain Cape? - 04/27/08 06:07 PM

I have searched and searched for the same kind of dog rain cape that LLBean sold five or six years ago without any luck.

The cape I'm looking for has a velcro belt that is sewn to the inside of the cape and the cape length is neck to tail with the sides hanging down about seven inches on the size 'medium' that I have. There's a short stand up collar that hides a little hole for a leash to attach to a collar.

Anyone tried to make a rain cape for a dog? Or even found a pattern online?

If not, after I get back from hiking this summer, I'm going to do a little cottage industry with a friend and learn how to make a pattern similar to the cape I already have.

Thanks in advance, Coosa
Posted by: jshannon

Re: Has anyone made a Dog Rain Cape? - 04/27/08 08:12 PM

I saw some in family dollar if you didn't want to make one.
Posted by: Paddy_Crow

Re: Has anyone made a Dog Rain Cape? - 04/28/08 05:22 AM

If you already have one, you could "reverse engineer" it. If you don't care about it, you could rip the seams and use the pieces as a pattern. Otherwise, just pin paper to it and trace the seams, then add material for the seams.

I have a fleece and windblock cape for my dog, it's a pretty simple pattern. Don't recall where I got it, though.
Posted by: Coosa

Re: Has anyone made a Dog Rain Cape? - ? - 04/28/08 06:51 AM

Family dollar? I have found lots of potential backpacking items at family dollar stores, but not a rain cape for a dog.

It would need to be build out of coated nylon and not silnylon.

Question: Is Cuben slippery like silnylon?

Thanks, Coosa