Sewing projects?

Posted by: robpatterson5

Sewing projects? - 03/08/08 08:29 PM

Hi, I have a pretty simple project that I'd like to make, but as I don't have a sewing machine or any of the sewing skills that I'd need, I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone who does custom work? I'd like to have it made out of silinylon.
Here's what I have in mind:
The only thing different from the diagram, that I'd like to do, is too add two butt patches at the ends and use grossgrain instead of grommets at the bottom.

Anyone have any recommendations for sewers?

Many thanks!
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Re: Sewing projects? - 03/08/08 08:57 PM

On there is a guy named Preachaman or something whose wife does custom sewing of backpacking projects.

There are some people on this board who are very good at sewing too, I just don't know if they hire themselves out for custom work of the kind you mention.
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Re: Sewing projects? - 03/08/08 10:17 PM

Contact our own dearly loved Penny. Custom work is her forte.
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Re: Sewing projects? - 03/09/08 01:51 PM

Thanks all! I will be contacting Penny and looking at hammocking forum suggestion!
Thanks all, any other suggestions?