1st Sewing project

Posted by: mugs

1st Sewing project - 02/24/08 01:01 AM

Ok folks. I have been wanting to get into sewing gear for a long time now. I figured a quilt would be my first project. So after seeing beardog's and others I would take a dive too. I used an old army poncho liner that I have had for 13 years as a base to just get used to sewing things up before I order really nice and expensive material to do the real thing. After figureing our how wide and how I was going to make the foot box I began outlining and sewing it up. Finished product fits me well. Now I just have to get down the sewing part a little more. I used the widest straight stitch I could so I can take out the seems and practice some more if I want to. so here goes.

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Re: 1st Sewing project - 02/24/08 10:15 AM

nice job. Most people just start with stuff sacks.
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Re: 1st Sewing project - 02/24/08 11:26 AM

As long as you're happy with the final work, and the functionality and durability are there, you're doing good! Now go make the final product and show us the results! I'm interested in what you think of the quilt when you're done. Beardog's buddy said he was comfortable "well below" 40 degrees, and I have a hard time believing that. Then again, maybe he was, but for me, I think I would need a bit more loft to keep me warm when the temperature is in the 30's.

Let us know,
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Re: 1st Sewing project - 02/24/08 07:55 PM

nice job. Most people just start with stuff sacks.

Not Eric, He's Da' man....besides with the cool hot tub no matter how cold he gets he knows just where to go to warm up <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

That's a good point though Eric, start with a basic project out of something pretty close to what you need and practice on it.
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Re: 1st Sewing project - 02/24/08 07:56 PM

Oh <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> I see you have a home generator too Eric, how many miles do you have to ride to post here <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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Re: 1st Sewing project - 02/26/08 12:12 AM

Blokes are like that. They tackle sewing from a different angle: it's fun! My son's first garment project was a pair of jeans. He made a quilt first.

Eric, that looks fine, and if you just keep on sewing, the machine control comes, so everything just keeps getting better.