Roll top closure

Posted by: Erik

Roll top closure - 01/18/08 05:41 PM

Howdy folks,LTNS!

I was wondering if anybody had a link to instructions for making a roll top closure on a pack? I have a fair idea of how it should go but I want to make sure.Its been awhile since Ive been on here so I cant remember if theres any instructions for this or not.Thanks alot,
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Re: Roll top closure - 01/19/08 12:36 AM

For a start, this could help
Very easy, but you need some plastic piece to stiffen one side of the opening. I think thru-hiker used to sell them, if not, a stripe of stiff plastic sheet will do.
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Re: Roll top closure - 01/19/08 04:17 AM

Do you realy need the stiff plastic? My commuter bag (a cross between a bike trunk and a courier bag) is just silnylon, a zipper and two velcro tabs on either side. Its realy long and wide and works just fine. Roll top closures are not difficult.
Why do you want a roll top closure? Are you trying to make it water resistant/proof? If you are just trying to make a neat top that does not require a lid, then there is an easier ways of doing it, but they are not water resistant.
Some pics of a very flimsy but effective roll top...
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Re: Roll top closure - 01/19/08 11:35 AM

The stiff plastic makes the closing easier, neater, and stronger: you can really "stuff" the bag, without a lot of fabric, and it's definitly more "watertight".
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Re: Roll top closure - 01/19/08 11:40 AM

Check out the following link:

Lots of good info about the subject!
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Re: Roll top closure - 01/20/08 09:31 AM

Thanks alot folks!! Ill check these out.
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Re: Roll top closure - 01/20/08 11:00 AM

Most of the roll top bags I've seen use webbing to stiffen the opening and provide a 'spool' to roll the fabric around. Usually the webbing extends beyond the edges of the opeing and buckles are attached so you can either buckle them together to make a handle, or have webbing and buckles extending from the lower corners of the bag so you can turn the bag into a cinch sack. Look at roll-top bags made for boaters. Here's an example: