Silnylon 2nds

Posted by: Bill Kennedy

Silnylon 2nds - 05/09/20 05:35 AM

Anybody had any experience with the silnylon seconds that are sold by Quest Outfitters and others?

I'm thinking of making a 1-person version of the Ray-Way style tarp & net tent, or maybe some variation, like the Bilgy tent. I made the 2-person version some years ago, but I think I bought the material at The Rain Shed, and they didn't sell seconds.

Also, anyone order from Bearpaw? I see that they have 70d silnylon, which would be good for the floor. The floor of my 2-person net tent, like just about every other tent I've owned, has begun to hydrolyze. No matter how careful I am, dehumidifying, etc., it always seems to happen. So, I'd like to avoid PU coated materials.

The silnylon from seems like the premium stuff, if it is, as stated, made from nylon 6,6 (stronger than the more common nylon 6.) And a reasonable price, but still much more than the seconds.
Posted by: CamperMom

Re: Silnylon 2nds - 05/12/20 05:42 PM

Have seen and used some seconds, both silnylon and regular fabric. You may find too much of too little silicone in spots, holes, or other flaws. Cut around, patch, or whatever to remedy, if the flaws are within your tolerance level.
Posted by: wgiles

Re: Silnylon 2nds - 06/22/20 08:58 PM

I've used silnylon from Quest and can't say that I have had any problems, but, I have pretty much switched to silpoly and I think that I've gotten most of that from Ripstop by the Roll.