Whitney Jacket Cuffs

Posted by: Bill Kennedy

Whitney Jacket Cuffs - 03/07/18 05:01 AM

This tickled me, so I had to share.

I made the Whitney Jacket from thru-hiker.com back in 2004, but the sleeves were a bit short for me, and I didn't wear it very much. So, fourteen years later, after getting the idea from YouTube, I made some cuffs for it out of a pair of hiking socks that had shrunk. Worked perfectly!
I couldn't get the original elastic cuffs removed without damage, and they'd probably have leaked down anyway due to all the needle holes, so I ran a line of stitching next to the original stitching to contain the down, and just cut them off, then added 2-1/2 inches of the sock tops as cuffs.

I kind of wish the jacket had a hood...but I'd need a much larger sock smile
Posted by: BZH

Re: Whitney Jacket Cuffs - 03/08/18 12:58 PM

That's a great idea and might be quite useful for some people! I've noticed people who buy cheap ultralight jacket clones from China often complain about the arms being too short. This might be a great fix for them.