lightest grommets to use

Posted by: toddfw2003

lightest grommets to use - 10/22/17 06:13 PM

I am going to make a bathrub floor similar to zpacks bathtub floors using polycro and going to connected it to the stake out points on my tarp using mitten clips. wanted to see what the lightest ones are
Posted by: 4evrplan

Re: lightest grommets to use - 10/23/17 12:40 AM

I can't tell you what the lightest mitten clips are, but it sounds like an interesting project. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
Posted by: toddfw2003

Re: lightest grommets to use - 10/24/17 09:28 AM

Wanted to see what the lightest grommets are
Posted by: Jim M

Re: lightest grommets to use - 11/22/17 01:43 PM

[u][/u]I have seen duct tape used in place of grommets. You can take a narrow strip of duct tape and put it on one side, twist it over (so it does not stick together) and apply it to the other side to form a loop you can put a string through. I like the idea of wrapping a small stone in the corner because it stresses the material more evenly than a grommet. Food for thought anyway.