Sewing Tyvec

Posted by: JPete

Sewing Tyvec - 05/16/17 04:36 PM


A friend has a quantity Tyvec that I believe is kite weight. She proposes to make a tarp with it, but neither she nor I have any experience with this material.

Any thoughts, particularly on sewing, seam sealing, reinforcing tie-outs, etc?

Thanks, jcp
Posted by: WKerber

Re: Sewing Tyvec - 05/27/17 10:43 PM

I've sewn Tyvek with a home sewing machine with Gutermann sew-all thread with good results. It was just a ground cloth with tie outs, but it's still doing strong after 4 years.
Posted by: 41253

Re: Sewing Tyvec - 06/03/17 06:00 AM

I glued the bivy I made with clothing-style Tyvek. It's easy, waterproof, and strong. It does make a stiff seam, so that might not be hat you want for some applications. I would worry about putting much tension on clothing Tyvex as you might when pitching a tart tightly. Is there any advantage of it over silnylon for a tarp?