DIY Fire Starter

Posted by: Joe's_Outing

DIY Fire Starter - 09/14/16 09:00 PM

I have found the best way to make waterproof fire starter. All you do is get dryer lint and wax. Just melt the wax and dip the lint ball in it. The flame burns high and it last few minutes. Here a video of it in action.

Fire Starter
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Re: DIY Fire Starter - 09/16/16 05:54 PM

cotton ball and vaseline
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Re: DIY Fire Starter - 09/20/16 11:12 PM

1/2 paper towel, wadded up, dipped in Gulfwax. Burns better than dryer lint and much easier to make. I make 2 dozen at a time to light the fire pit. Call them "Fire Bunnies".
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Re: DIY Fire Starter - 09/21/16 02:50 PM

About dryer lint--a lot of it these days is synthetic fiber which melts, rather than burns. Of course, if you have a dryer load that is all-cotton fabrics (increasingly difficult these days when even most towels contain synthetics), you will have a small batch of burnable lint.
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Re: DIY Fire Starter - 10/12/16 02:17 AM

Easiest way is using dryer lint and any canning wax. some old candle stubs work too. wrap enough lint with carton, dip it into the melted wax. all's done. It never fails me.
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Re: DIY Fire Starter - 11/11/16 02:43 PM

Congratulations! You've just learned what Scouts have been using since at least the 60's!

Personally, I jam cotton balls (free out of pill bottles, cheap at dollar stores) into an empty pill bottle (they're leak proof) then pour in rubbing alcohol. I can get about a dozen balls into a standard pill bottle.
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Re: DIY Fire Starter - 08/30/17 11:01 AM

I can suggest using a can bottom filled with rolled cardboard and melted candle wax. That's pretty similar, but as for me, more reliable method.

I know nothing better than those little guys.

Here's the guide
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Re: DIY Fire Starter - 11/22/17 01:47 PM

I liked the video. Thanks