Rain Mitts

Posted by: HikingGeek

Rain Mitts - 05/29/16 02:40 PM

I'm getting to the point where I want to start making some of my own gear.

The first project I am thinking about is a set of Rain Mitts. I'd like to fashion them after my favorite set of mittens, which you can see here: http://www.outsideonline.com/1950261/stoic-welder-trigger-mitts

Since I have it available to me, I am thinking about making them out of Tyvek. I want to try to sew they seam, reinforce it on the inside with Tyvek tape, then seam seal it from the outside. I'd also like to add something to the palms to add some grip and durability. Any thoughts?

I'm new at this, so I'm guessing there's something naive about my plan laugh
Posted by: Bob Chiang

Re: Rain Mitts - 09/03/16 12:23 PM

Hi HikingGeek,

First of all, good for you to start making your own gear.

Please know that mittens, especially with a trigger finger might be a challenging first sewing project. They will require sewing around pieces with relatively small radii. Pin carefully and sew slow! You can lift the pressure foot and realign the pieces if you have trouble going around the curves. Here's information about sewing tyvek: the stitch length shouldn't be too short because the needle perforations weaken the fabric.
sewing tyvek

If you have never sewn before, you might want to make a stuff sack first, to get some experience operating your machine.

Here's a source for grippy fabric: "Slip Not" fabric

Enjoy the new MYOG adventures and
Have Fun,
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Posted by: Petro1234

Re: Rain Mitts - 10/29/16 11:09 AM

The first thing i would consider is condensation, imagine waearing rubber gloves and how sweaty your hands get. the gloves you can buy have a waterproof single layer goretex liner, not the welded fabric used in jackets because of the wear factor (and maybe the liner is much much more breathable. I think irts the same with boots with goretex.


That is also to say that if you are handeling things the material becomes worn and this destroys goretex. If you line them with super breathable material that doesnt need waxing, and put a heavy duty permiable skin on them it should work. The goretex membrane used in gloves and boots does not need waxing so the gloves become wet only on the outside !