It's done - Mike's Backpack!

Posted by: PaHiker

It's done - Mike's Backpack! - 02/24/16 05:23 PM

Okay, so here are the plans for my pack (on my blog site). Comments, suggestions, edits, always welcome.

Mike's Backpack
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Re: It's done - Mike's Backpack! - 02/25/16 11:22 AM

Wow! That is an incredible amount of detail. Thanks for putting that together. The pack looks great.
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Re: It's done - Mike's Backpack! - 02/25/16 04:06 PM

Thanks, I was hoping there would be enough detail.
It seems to work well, though I'm still in the tweaking stage, but that will (likely) take months before I'm fully happy, if ever. I'm a tinkerer, so I would probably never be 100% happy with it.
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Re: It's done - Mike's Backpack! - 02/26/16 09:36 AM

Great write up. The mods should put it on the website's list of do it yourself projects...with your permission of course. Looks great.
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Re: It's done - Mike's Backpack! - 02/26/16 11:44 AM

I would be honored if that were to happen, so long as I could continue to make mods as time passes, and ideas / corrections arise.
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Re: It's done - Mike's Backpack! - 11/18/16 02:35 PM

Okay, after using this for a while I made some mods, here are the changes for those interested:

  • On the right side pocket I dropped the height by 3". I use this pocket for my tent poles and crazy chair. By cutting off the 3" they stick out a few inches, making them easier to grab.
  • I split the left pocket into two. The lower (larger) pocket holds my hydration bag, large enough to hold my Camelbak bagless pouch
  • The upper pocket is about 5" deep and I use it for trail snacks and lunch. Plenty of room, easy to access, and the shock cord holds it nicely in place. Since it is over my left shoulder, my right hand can reach over the shoulder to grab a snack while still hiking
  • I ditched the straps that come over the top and down the front of the pack. The pack material is too slick, and they keep sliding.
  • I attached two 1/8" grommets to either side of the top flap. I then attached a cinch point to the bottom of the pack and hooked a cheap carabiner to it. Run a length of shock cord through the two grommets. The cord stretches to the biner and holds everything snug.

In addition to making the pack work better for me, it also cuts the weight by 36g (hey, every bit counts). The pack now weighs 12.5 oz (363g).
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Re: It's done - Mike's Backpack! - 11/18/16 09:26 PM

362g is very very impressive for, if Ive got it right, a pad frame with padded hip belt, capable of carrying 30lbs, good job.
Posted by: PaHiker

Re: It's done - Mike's Backpack! - 11/19/16 10:01 AM

The hip belt is removable, weight is without the belt. Without padding the belt is 50g, with HDF it's 200g, but the belt has a velcro opening so you can stuff it with socks, shirt, whatever, instead of the padding, or use a lighter weight padding. I use a mollie belt so I can attach things (cellphone, GPS, camera, etc.) on the outside.