Posted by: Lschesse

Front-pack - 07/28/15 06:12 PM

I'm considering building a front pack that I could add to my backpack. I think it could improve the load, comfort and accessibilty. Anyone have experience with front packs?
Posted by: bluefish

Re: Front-pack - 07/28/15 07:38 PM

I have a chest pack/backpack I've hiked lots of miles in fishing. I tolerate it for its useful nature fly fishing , but would find it annoying to take it beyond that. It gets hot, flops around, blocks vision of your feet, and places more strain on your shoulders and neck that doesn't transfer to a hip belt. All in all, a definite no, for me.
Posted by: Pika

Re: Front-pack - 07/28/15 10:26 PM

I'll second Bluefish on this. I was an army medic and carried most of my medical gear in a "front pack" while my personal gear rode largely in my ruck. I hated the damn thing. As noted: hot, uncomfortable and inconvenient. I was in the airborne and when rigged for a jump, the front pack rode below my reserve chute with the ruck and made it extremely difficult to pee unless I took the considerable trouble of unrigging myself, draining, and then re-rigging. No thanks! I'd much prefer to just carry less stuff.
Posted by: Sweerek

Re: Front-pack - 01/01/16 07:50 PM

I wear a very small fanny pack up front with my 10 Essentials (biggest item: soda bottle of water) that stay with me at all times while my G4 pack comes off occasionally.

It's ugly & slightly uncomfortable but it helps balance weight and items are always accessible. Belt pouches would fit & look better, but then I won't have always have key items for side hikes.